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Your switchboard is the central hub of your home's electrical wiring. It's responsible for directing electricity from the main supply to various circuits all around your home. If your switchboard is getting old, it might be time to consider a switchboard upgrade. A switchboard's electrical integrity is crucial to ensuring your family's safety and in reducing the annoyance that comes with fuses that blow unexpectedly or circuit breakers which trip continually.

Whether you need a switchboard upgrade for residential or commercial premises, A1 Solar & Electrical can help. Contact us today.


Whether it's as simple as a power point being installed, or the need to fit-out your entire new house, A1 Solar are the Local Gippsland Electrical specialists, for all electrician needs - 24 hour emergency electrical services, air conditioning installation, powerpoint changing, or any other electrical services you need.

Our professional and experienced teams are able to provide solutions that will exceed your requirements.

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If you need a local Gippsland Electrician or Electrical services, A1 Solar & Electrical can provide you with an expert, professional service.

EV Charger Installation Gippsland

We offer end-to-end electric vehicle charging solutions for home, commercial and public charging station installation. Our expert teams ensure you get the right EV Charging solution in Gippsland for your EVs.

A1 Solar & Electrical Gippsland are the experts with Gippsland EV charger installation, and are ready to install whatever connector you may need, including the ever so popular Tesla wall charger installations.

The easiest way to charge your electric car is at home using an EV car charging station. Home EV car charging stations can provide up to 10x the power of a standard wall outlet. With an EV home charger, all you have to do is hook up your electric car and it will charge overnight while you sleep.

Electricians for EV Home Car Charging Stations

An EV home station offers the convenience of plugging in your car at night and waking up with a fully charged vehicle - often from stored Solar from batteries making running your EV the next thing to free transport.

EV home charging stations must be installed by an experienced, licensed electrician. Call A1 Solar & Electrical Gippsland for assistance with your EV installation - one of our technicians will come to your home for an evaluation, and will assess your installation site and your home’s electrical specifications before working up a quote. We will also advise you on what type of EV charging unit is most suitable for your home and vehicle.

Home EV charging stations vary in ways that impact the functioning of your charger. Here are points to consider:

  • plug type
  • single- vs. three-phase electrical capability
  • socketed vs. tethered cable
  • solar charge
  • software support

With so many options, it can be difficult for new EV owners to make a decision. Fortunately, A1 Solar & Electrical Gippsland has experience installing every type of EV home charging station. We can help you make the best decision with your EV home charge installation.

Once you have chosen an EV charger, we will complete the EV charge home install. We will also provide instruction on the care and maintenance of your new home charging station. Our home charger installations are up to code per Australian regulations.

Contact A1 Solar & Electrical today for more information or a quote for EV Charging Station Services in Gippsland