We believe that we could be doing more to improve the future for young families by utilising green energy and lowering our emissions. That’s why we install, maintain and repair residential and commercial solar systems. As local experts, we provide prompt, reliable service, quality workmanship and products manufactured to high standards. We’ll take care of the hard work like getting the right approvals and applications for your home. When the day comes for your system to be installed, our professional installers with have your system installed safely and efficiently. Once the install is complete, we explain how the system works, how to monitor it, and how to turn it on and off. We want to help you get the most from your solar.


The technology around solar battery storage is changing the landscape for solar power users. Installing the right batter storage increases energy independence and the capability for self-generation. If you’re investing in solar batteries, you want them to last as long as possible in order to maximise your return. At A1 Solar, we choose the manufacturers we work with carefully, preferring to work with those who invest heavily in research and development. We supply and install solar battery storage systems by Sonnen, the provider of the world’s most popular and proven system. Made in Australia utilising German technology, Sonnen batteries provide double the kilowatt-hours of its competitors over their lifetime.


Sustainable living is one of the main drawcards for a grid-free lifestyle, and using a renewable resource is a perfect way to lower your carbon footprint. We can design, supply and install a totally Off-Grid or stand-alone solar system for your Bairnsdale property, giving you complete freedom from the rising costs of traditional grid electricity. Off-grid solar systems can be expensive and are generally only considered to be a viable option when the cost to connect a property to the electricity network is significant. The key to a successful off-grid system is installing enough panels and batteries to power your daily electricity usage and not leave you in the dark. The A1 Solar team are experienced with off-grid connections and will help you work out if your location is suitable to go off-grid based on a list of requirements.


We explain solar technology, what the best solution for your situation is, and how you can maximise your solar space. Then, we assess your energy requirements to determine the perfect system size and technology for you. We can then design that system for your specific location for maximum performance and a great looking system throughout the entire year. Contact us today for a completely obligation-free consultation and information session with a member of the friendly A1 Solar Bairnsdale team. We’d love to help you find the information that you need to get the best solar system for your home or business!